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did... did I never post my Yuletide story? I don't see it! Well, I just saw that there was a big late roundup of recs for Yuletide, and hoped I'd be on there, and I was. My story was described as "The story of a girl and her dinosaur through the year, based on the web art. Too touching for words, very sweet in nature and takes you on an adventure while tugging on your heartstrings."

You can read my story here:

It's 7300 words and I'm actually quite proud of it. It's called "Grace and Sally" and all you need to know is this tiny comic:

If anyone knows the original author of the comic pleeeeease tell me!

This story really flowed once I decided what I was doing. I had SO MANY IDEAS and decided to just start writing a few with write or die/written kitten and see what stuck. As usual, I hid out from my family on Christmas Eve trying to finish, but this time, Peter was with me so I abandoned him to my brother's inlaws. :) I went for a stealth crossover - in the first draft I mentioned in in the first paragraph (it was a cheesy paragraph to get me started), and I know I would have gotten more hits if I'd tagged it, but I liked the surprise. Trying to decide if I should tag it now, thoughts?

Anyway, I think it's a sweet story, and I hope you'll give it a look. :)

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11th of March!

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"They have called this day the eleventh of March! And whomsoever of you gets through this day, unless you are shot in the head or somehow slain, you will stand at tiptoe when e’er you hear the name again! And you will get excited at the name March the eleventh! We happy few, we few, we band of brothers. Our names will be as like household names! And those who are not here, be they sleeping or doing something else, they will feel themselves sort of crappy! Because they are not here to join the fight on this day the eleventh of March!"

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Help me pick a LARP setting!

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Last weekend was Intercon, and I played two games, both based of books (The Dresden Files and A Song of Ice and Fire (aka Game of Thrones). The ASOIAF game was awesome, and it's left me wanting to write something like it. One of the things I liked was how being based on a well known media property meant there was a lot of buy in to the world -- while the game was set over a 100 years before the books, most of us came in knowing what it means to be a Stark, a Targaryen,  Greyjoy, a Lannister, a Martell, and to a lesser extent the context of being a Tyrell, a Tully, an Arryn or a Baratheon. People knew about the Seven and what Westeros thinks of the East and things like that. I could write all those details for a new world, but I feel like it might actually be better to start with something that exists, so it's easier for people to get into it, so people aren't fumbling with their sheets as much. But I don't know what to use. Here are my thoughts:
  • I want lots of families with interesting interactions, and ideally strong family characters, or at least stereotypes
  • I want lots of love plots, and potentially a tension between arranged marriages and love marriages
  • I want politics, but it doesn't have to be as high epic as civil war or choosing a king
  • I probably want 20-40 characters. I want to try writing a big game again
  • This is where it gets hard: I don't want a super patriarchal society. I could possibly AU an existing society to be more gender equal. But... fuck that, why should every game that has the things I already listed be gender fucked? I want to play a game like that and play a woman and not be fighting against gender expectations if I want to have agency beyond family matters. 
  • I have a much weaker preference towards a setting without a lot of religion, or a chill and non-contentious religion. 
  • I'd like there to be other interesting world building to grab onto, but also some negative space for me to add things.
So, anyone have any ideas? 

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Originally posted by mllelaurel at ¡Fiestaval! Brandeis Festival of the LARPs 2014
Originally posted by staystrong62805 at ¡Fiestaval! Brandeis Festival of the LARPs 2014
Originally posted by in_water_writ at ¡Fiestaval! Brandeis Festival of the LARPs 2014
Originally posted by in_water_writ at ¡Fiestaval! Brandeis Festival of the LARPs 2014

Larpers! You are cordially invited to a Fiestaval!
¡Fiestaval! is the ninth Festival of the LARPs, an annual LARP convention held at Brandeis University.

Bids are open! Bid your game now HERE.

Registration for the convention is open! Register now at!

Registration is free and open to the general public. Limited crash space is available upon request.

This year, Festival sign-ups will be tiered.

On Tuesday, March 18th you can sign up for one game at 7pm.
On Wednesday, March 19th you can sign up for up to two games at 7pm.
On Thursday, March 20th you can sign up for all the games you like, though still only one per time slot!

Bids received before March 7th will (if accepted) be posted to the schedule at the time the schedule is initially posted.

Bids submitted after March 7th but before the 14th will be added to the posted schedule before signups.

Any bids received after March 14th (if accepted) may be posted to the schedule after signups are already open.

Please also join and share our Facebook group HERE to help spread the word!

- Your loving Con-Chair,

Vid Post: "Hallowed Ground" (Sleepy Hollow)

vids - festivids!
Title: Hallowed Ground
Recipient: jaqueelee
Fandom: Sleepy Hollow (2013 TV series)
Song: Hallowed Ground by KT Tunstall
Size: ??? MB / 3 minutes 42 seconds
Content Notes: Quite a bit of violence, all shown on network TV originally
Thanks to: As always, thirdblindmouse, elipie, and the boston vidder crew. :)
Notes: Despite how much I cut out of the song, this is the longest vid I've ever made! My fifth festivid, which also means my fifth vid ever. :-) I could have sworn I'd only offered movies this year, but instead I picked an open canon? Oops, but it was pretty fun. :-) I did not realize I would wind up in the breakaway hit fandom of Festivids 2013-2014 (7 vids!)


Hallowed Ground from Laura47 on Vimeo.

Festivids placeholder

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Old letter with some of these requests (B5, gargoyles, reboot, x-men):

In general: external source and crossovers are okay! Please warn for self injury if you are adding that in.

Music: I'm pretty open! See for more details.

Babylon 5 [TV]

What I wrote the first two times I requested this:
Read more...Collapse )

Curse of the Golden Flower [Movie]: This is one of those movies I find visually stunning, and I would be happy with just something beautiful. You can also totally go with the fucked up family drama, or anything else that strikes your fancy.

Gargoyles [TV]: Oh I might be kind of useless. I loved this show so much, but it was before I had any shipper tendencies at all, so I mostly don't see it in that sort of way. I loved everyone? Oh I'm terrible, I'm sorry.

last two years Read more...Collapse )

Moon [Movie]: This is my dual Festivids-Yuletide request this year. I don't always do one, but I like to, it's fun. :) There's not many characters to choose from here, and robots are not always the most expressive, but you can go in any direction. I'd love to see something emotional here. I could easily see a sad instrumental, maybe with a hopeful ending? Perhaps a study in contrasts between Sams? I could go with a weird constructed reality, I feel like the footage might lend itself to that? You can absolutely bring in third party source, other moon stories or space movies or whatever. If you have a wacky out-there idea, go for it!

Moonrise Kingdom [Movie]: Some year I will get a Wes Anderson movie for Festivids. Is this year that year? One of the things I love about this movie is that is feels like what would happen if you got the sad adults from a Wes Anderson movie and made them deal with some stuff when they were still kids and hadn't been miserable for 30 years. Of course the adults are stilll... adults in a wes anderson film. You can totally crossover with other wes anderson if you want. I went and visited some Maine islands this past summer and it made me really long for this story. a synopsis vid, character studies, something weird, whatever you want!

ReBoot [TV]

Details: Again, something I desperately loved as a kid. I love it all too much to be coherent. ReBoot! <3 <3 <3

Um, I love everyone and everything? The heroes, the villians, the random side characters, Mulder and Scully were the most amazing thing ever when I saw it... i don't even know. Sorry, useless here. Technoish music might be fun? Something from the Tron soundtrack is really obvious but I think I'd love it. If you love ReBoot, I am happy. :-D

X-Men: The Animated Series (1992) [TV]

Details: Just seeing the words makes the theme song start playing through my head. I loved this show to bits. I super shipped Rogue/Gambit as a little preteen. Rogue, Gambit, or Rogue/Gambit would be quite lovely. Nothing wrong with Charles/Magneto, of course. I was also fond of Wolverine and Storm, less so of Jubilee and and Cyclops and Jean Grey. I liked the Mystique of this incarnation

I don't know what else to say, I love this show.

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Dear Yuletide Letter

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Dearest Yuletide Writer:

I AM SO SORRY THAT I FORGOT TO UPDATE THIS. You see, I've been swamped with LARPs that I'm running, and I just got engaged, and I'm trying to put together a huge wedding on way too little time, and updating this letter... I just forgot I hadn't done it! You deserve better and I'm sorry, thank you for asking the mods to poke me. >.<

So here's a little story. The night the assignments came out, I was attending a performance of The Importance of Being Earnest, directed by a friend of mine. As soon as we got to the revelation about being found in a handbag, I had an awkward realization. Despite having seen this play a ridiculous number of times, when I made my request, I had forgotten about the exact details eventual family connection and that I had, in fact, accidentally requested incest. *facepalm*. And I thought, "I had better go update my letter!" But no, I did not. For shame, laura47, for shame. So, on that particular note, please do --whatever you want--. You could write me not a slash story. You could write me a het story even! You could go ahead with the f/f slash but not the m/m. You could go ahead with the m/m as is. You could add another shocking plot twist where they aren't brothers after all. You could do basically whatever you want.

Now to address some questions that were passed on to me:

Het: sure! I like het!
slash: sure! i like slash!
poly: I love poly! I super love healthy and functional poly with lots of communication, even if it starts out with less of those things but gets to a good place.
open relationships: see above! sure!
infidelity: not my favorite, but I can go with it if it is well done, and especially if it winds up in a healthy and reasonable place.
power dynamics: the one place to tread carefully with me is real life power dynamics. things like student/teacher relationships i am almost never okay with because of the inherent power dynamic problems. power play in the bedroom is fine, it's the real world stuff I worry about.

Okay now I'm going to post this so you can get this much ASAP and return with more details on the specific requests sometime today!


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I don't normally express myself visually, and this will be suboptimal visual presentation, but this is all I can do right now.

season one posed casual

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Kickstarter Digest!

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While I do love buying pretty things on etsy, my favorite way to spend my new discretionary income is on KICKSTARTER. I love helping people achieve their passions, and I am passionate about helping create media and products that traditional mainstream companies wouldn't care about or would change in terrible ways. CROWDFUCKING INTERNET REVOLUTION! I tend towards media and gaming kickstarters, cause that's what I hear about, but tell me about your favorites!

You know what's extra awesome? Kickforward, where projects pledge a percentage of their post-kickstarter profits to funding new Kickstarters!!!

edit: Hilarious Onion article about kickstarter

  • Veronica Mars: The Movie is a big deal, giving new life to a cancelled cult series. I think we all have one of those in our heart. They asked for $2 million, with their studio matching that. They are sitting at $3.8 million, they run out of high end rewards AGAIN and haven't announced any official stetch goals, but they say those are in the work and they still have 17 days, so I expect once they give people something concrete they will blow through $4million, and probably hit $5million if they offer us something really good.

  • Torment: Tides of Numenera: Perhaps you've heard of a video game called Planescape: Torment. I used to work in video games, and this is a game that people who devote their lives to video games adore. Some of the original creative team is making a new game, entirely without a studio, just directly funded by fans. You can just preorder the game, and in doing so *make a better game*. They have paypal donations that count towards the stretch goals, and super fan matching funds are just straight into the game. The last time they announced the paypal total it was about $50K, so that puts us at at least $3.098 million. We get Patrick Rothfuss at $3.25million, wooo. He says that if this works, it will make it way more likely there can be a Kingkiller Chronicles videogame with him very involved. I met him before he got so famous, he's an awesome dude. So basically about 150K to go to get him, with 10 days left. $3.5million gets the original Placescape: Torment lead designer, Chris Avellone, which is really cool but might not happen. I think what they need is to get picked up by the right blogs. I'd really love if they hit all these goals. Go preorder the game, it's in multiple languages and mac/windows/linux, and it's setting a new model of AWESOME for gaming.

  • Boston local, two brothers are making an A:TLA like african-inspired fantasy animated pilot! They are only $600 away from success, so they'll probably be fine. with that small a number, if you put out a distress call people will probably up their pledges. Do you want more African inspired fantasy? I do! check it out:

  • Cheapass Games is back, using kickstarter for reprints and for new games! This one is about making a Western movie:
    I haven't shelled out $40 for the game, but I gave them some goodwill money and though some of you might want to get a copy. :)

  • Ricefield Collective crafts handmade knitted accessories that keep indigenous people on their ancestral land. Doing quite well!

  • Some fanfic authors have an original short story anthology, Fight Like A Girl but they only list their real names on the kickstarter so there's a weird disconnect there. I got the ebook version:

  • Boston Burger Company is making salsa! I don't like salsa, but I like them, so I bought a bottle, I dunno, for Peter.

  • And finally, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries is only 3 days in and is at close to $300K when they asked for $60K, and also don't even have good stretch goals up yet. This will be fun to watch, how do you turn a super popular web series that has crazed fans but has never made much money into a financial success. They are funding new series, but also going and giving back pay to everyone who worked on the cheap! Support artists!

  • and that's today's kickstarter digest!

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Title: Accidentally in Love
Recipient: dkwilliams
Fandom: Star Wars (Original Trilogy)
Song: Accidentally in Love by Counting Crows
Size: 65.3 MB / 1 minutes 53 seconds
Content Notes: Some blasters and lightsabers, no graphic violence
Thanks to: elipie, jetpackmonkey, luminosity, and especially thirdblindmouse who held my hand through the last harrowing days and made really really good suggestions, without which this vid would have suffered a great deal. And we wouldn't have that lovely shot of the Millennium Falcon coming in to rescue Luke, and lots of other great things. I am not someone who works well in isolation, and if I hadn't had wonderful people reassuring and encouraging me throughout this, I don't know what would have happened. Thank you so much everyone, and to everyone in #vidding chat, all of whom kept me sane and kept me going. THANK YOU! If I forgot someone, please forgive me, I get frazzled by vidding.
Vidder Notes: I made a vid! For Festivids! My recipient requested Luke/Han, which I did not ship. I vidded this, and now I ship Luke/Han (or something with Leia, vee or OT3 I don't even know) and I am obsessed with Harrison Ford's face. If anyone has any ideas for a song to do a multi-fandom omg-Harrison-Ford's-face vid to, please let me know. :-D

To download, click on this link to go to dropbox

Accidentally in Love from Another Festividder on Vimeo.

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